Keyring Magic Bottle

Part No. 142

Made from injection moulded polystyrene thanks to proper injection parameters air bubbles imitate flowing fluid.

A cylindrical surface was prepared for placing advertisements (stickers, painting, engraving).

Available colours (take a look at photo gallery):

Keyring :                      18 mm (diameter) x 68 mm (height)
Cyllindrical surface : 20 mm (height)
Splitring :                     20 mm

Logistic data

Product nameP/NColourMOQ (pcs.)Pcs. in box)
Keyring Magic Bottle142-00Crystal1500100
Keyring Magic Bottle142-01Yellow1500100
Keyring Magic Bottle142-02Green1500100
Keyring Magic Bottle142-03Blue1500100
Keyring Magic Bottle142-04Red1500100

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