Soft ID card holder AF17

Part No. 317

Horizontal top loading clear PVC soft id card holder with one chain hole.

This flexible id card holder is made for use with ID cards with a maximum size of 77 x 110 mm.

Thickness: front 0.12 mm / back 0.18 mm

Logistic data

Product nameP/NColourMOQ (pcs.)
Soft ID card holder AF17317-01Colourless with blue top1000
Soft ID card holder AF17317-02Colourless with navy blue top1000
Soft ID card holder AF17317-03Colourless with white top1000
Soft ID card holder AF17317-04Colourless with black top1000
Soft ID card holder AF17317-05Colourless with red top1000
Soft ID card holder AF17317-06Colourless with green top1000
Soft ID card holder AF17317-07Colourless with brown top1000

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