Our success is based on knowledge,
loyalty and engagement in teamwork.

Complex customer service, speed of action, high and stable level of service and products quality let AZUN to have a steady place on the plastic processing market.

Development of tool industry, injection processing, pressure injection of zinc and aluminium alloys, knowledge about needs of automotive, electronic and building industry gave a begining of AZUN foundation in 1988.

The next years is the time which was used for perfecting designing skills. Access to modern technologies, materials, numerical driven machines let AZUN employess achieve high level of knowledge and experience. AZUN success on the injection molding services market is based on their knowledge, devotion and engagement in a team work.

For over 20 years we offer complete package deal from a concept to design and production

Our products

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The advantages of our testify

Extended warranty
on injection moulds providing the production work is carried out by AZUN

Flexible financing
of injection moulds production
(for example: mould cost calculated according to order size and paid for a fixed period)

Express orders processing
for mouldings

Timely orders completions
and high quality mouldings