Double sided combs for removing lice, fleas and their eggs.
Universal tool for using with short and long hair or fur thanks to two kinds of tooths.

Manufactured in attractive, vivid colors. They have ready to logo imprint or engrave surface and may be attractive bonus to any kind of product for lice, nit or fleas treatment. Thanks to AZUN branded combs you can get high quality, fine price and short delivery time from european manufacturer.

As a combs manufacturer we are able to design new models and manufacture them under your brand.

What comb for lice brushing ?

On our offer you can find few kinds of combs for lice brushing that will work in various applications.
As a plastic combs manufacturer we took care that each model gives you possibility to thorough brushing without pulling hair or fur.

We paid attention to both length of tooths and distance between them – thanks to that we designed models that stand out with usability and comfort of use.

On our offer you can find double sided combs. This is a solution that will work in case of problems with insect nesting in the hair. You can use them for both dry and wet brushing (distributing preparations that help eliminate lice).

Each comb provide comfortable use. Our products are made from high quality materials and thanks to that ensure long term usage even in hard condition. We have on offer three kinds of combs, each has different construction – thanks to that you can choose one fits your needs.

On AZUN offer are available:

  1. Pico – double sided comb for lice brushing. It works for both people and animals. Its small dimensions allows to remove many ectoparasites from short hair. It is recommended for fighting with lice and fleas in littles where chemicals can not be used.
  2. Mini – fleas and lice comb similar to Pico but a little bit bigger one. Useful for brushing parasites from short and long hair. Recommended as an addition to medicinal products used to fleas and lice elimination.
  3. Maxi – the biggest comb on our offer to brushing nits, equipped with handle – thanks to that you can keep it like a classic brush. Such solution give you fast and comfortable way to brush even long hair with fine accuracy. This is great option for dog with long fur.


How to use lice comb ?

When you use fleas and lice combs it is important to keep some basic rules. At the beginning hair should be thoroughly brush out using comb or brush for daily use. Next step is the hair moisture with medicinal preparation (if it is possible) and divide into thin strands. Fleas comb should be placed at very root and then drag to the strand end. It is important that hair under combing should not slide out from comb! After each comb through it should be wipe thoroughly to remove all parasites.

In our company you can order durable flea combs, including: for dogs, cats and also useful on the battle with parasites in humans. What is more each comb on our offer can be manufactured with your engraved or imprint logo, brand name and etc.

All you need to do is let us know about the content to place on product and we will make personalized product batch for your brand.

We are looking forward to doing business with you. Please contact us.