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We process a lot of different types of thermoplastic materials using wide spectrum of colors individually customized for customer vision and needs.

To provide repeatable and high quality production we source the best quality plastics from suppliers who are compliant with global legislations (REACH, RoHS and WEEE).

We offer support in choosing appropriate materials so as to thanks our knowledge, software and experience chosen production material let to achieve optimum properties of a product such as appearance and durability with maintain appropriate injection parameters.


PS Symbol – standard, high impact, modified, stained in accordance to customer needs, used to production a lot of AGD goods: furniture elements, technical enclosures, toys and etc.


Polypropylenes PP, polyethylenes PE. Thermoplastic materials used to production such goods as: office and home accessories, toys, food and cosmetic packaging, elements for construction industry.


Surdyn, jotek. Often used in cosmetic industry, especially for perfum enclosure snaps. Warm and kind in touch elements, resistant at influence of ring compounds (it doesn’t corrode-crack).


Natural with fiberglass additives for strengthen mechanical properties, used for production such products as: plastic gearwheels, carcasses and furniture elements

Polycarbonates PC

Used to production enclosures with upper resistant at hitting and scratching, UV resistance, V0, V1 and HB grade transparency, wide range of colors


Copolymer of styrene, akro – mitryl – butadien. Enclosures for electronic equipment. Used in wide range of colors in accordance to customers needs.


Copolymer of styrene – acrylonitrile. Used to production office equipment, elements in enclosures for electronic equipment, display sheets, advertising gadgets.
Used in wide range of colors in accordance to customers needs.

Santoprene, Wyram, TPE

Ruber-like materials, used in wide range of colors in production of keyboards, culverts, membranes and gaskets.

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