Card holder KPS1

Part No. 125

Open faced, rigid plastic KPS1 holder is a high quality, durable, one card holder to keep your bage or ID card safe from bends and creases with clearly displaying the card’s face.

It is made from injection moulded polysterene or polypropylene (colourless version) and designed to use in horizontal postition.

– transparent colourless polipropylene (on stock)
– blue, red, green, black polistyrene (on stock)
– other for individual order

Logistic data

Product name P/N Colour MOQ (pcs.) Pcs. in one box
Card holder KPS1 125-00 Milky 1000 200
Card holder KPS1 125-01 Red 2000 200
Card holder KPS1 125-02 Green 2000 200
Card holder KPS1 125-03 Blue 2000 200
Card holder KPS1 125-04 Black 2000 200

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